Judgment Recovery

Every year, thousands of small claims and civil judgments go unpaid. The main reason this happens is the lack of knowledge of what recourse you have to collect your money.

The court will make it fairly easy for you to validate your claim, but leaves you high and dry when it come to recovering what you are due. By law, a judgment holder has the right to assign someone else to enforce their judgment for them.

We specialize in the location of the debtors hidden assets and can seize them to satisfy the judgment. We specialize as Judgment Recovery Professionals, which allows us the opportunity to use a much larger range of legal options to recover the assigned judgment.

We are skilled experts in finding debtors’ assets including any “hidden assets” they may have. We then seize the assets to have them satisfy the judgment. Furthermore, you do not pay us anything. We only receive a percentage of what is actually collected on the judgment.

Please remember that there is a time limitation as to when you may collect on the judgment. If you fail to act within the given time constraints, you could lose all the efforts and money you spent winning he case in the first place.

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