Legal Document Assistance

Unlawful Detainers / Evictions

We prepare the same court papers that an attorney would at a fraction of the cost.
  • Preparation and service of the 3-30-60-90 day notice on the defendant(s)
  • Preparation of the Summons and Complaint and filing documents with the court
  • Preparation and service of the Prejudgment Claim of Exemption
  • Service of documents on the defendant(s) and filing proof with the court
  • Preparing and filing Request for Entry of Default with the court
  • Preparing and filing Judgment-Unlawful Detainer for Possession
Package Fee: $425.00 (does not include court filing fee)

Small Claims

Here’s what you get with the Small Claims Package:
  • Complete preparation of your small claims documents
  • Filing of your claim with the court
  • Name search to correctly identify your defendant if you are bringing a claim against a business entity
  • Service of Process on the defendant(s)
  • Filing of the Proof of Service with the Court
Package Fee: $145.00 (does not include court filing fee)

Judgment Recovery

Every year, thousands of small claims and civil judgments go unpaid. The main reason this happens is the lack of knowledge of what recourse you have to collect your money. The court will make it fairly easy for you to validate your claim, but leaves you high and dry when it come to recovering what you are due. By law, a judgment holder has the right to assign someone else to enforce their judgment for them. We specialize in the location of the debtors hidden assets and can seize them to satisfy the judgment. We specialize as Judgment Recovery Professionals, which allows us the opportunity to use a much larger range of legal options to recover the assigned judgment.

We provide a complete line of services for all your professional legal support & processing needs. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with fast, honest, dependable & responsible legal services at an affordable price.

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