Small Claims

Here’s what you get with the Small Claims Package:

  • Complete preparation of your small claims documents
  • Filing of your claim with the court
  • Name search to correctly identify your defendant if you are bringing a claim against a business entity
  • Service of Process on the defendant(s)
  • Filing of the Proof of Service with the Court

Package Fee: $145.00 (does not include court filing fee)


Court Filing Fees:

$0 – $1,500               $30.00

$1,501 – $5,000       $50.00

$5,001 – $10,000     $75.00


NOTE: At this time, the Small Claims Package covers only the Santa Barbara Courts.

Here’s how it works:

1) Complete our Small Claims Questionnaire

After you submit your Small Claims Information Form, we prepare your claim. If we need additional information, our office will e-mail or call you. After the form is complete, we will fax you a copy for your approval. All you need to do is sign the bottom of the form and fax or mail it back to our office. If you need assistance at any time, we are available to help.

2) We Prepare and File Your Small Claims Papers

We review the answers you provide for consistency and completeness. Then we prepare the necessary small claims documents and file them with the court. You will receive a court conformed filed copy of your claims for your records. You will need to pay particular attention to the date, time, and division for your court date.

3) We Serve Your Defendant(s)

One of our experienced, bonded and licensed Professional Process Servers will serve your claim. You will immediately be notified if the address provided is no longer a valid service address. If the address is bad, we will attempt to locate a new one. If you need a status on the progress of your case, feel free to email or call our office and our staff will immediately help you.